Kit Homes

Your new steel frame home kit is already prepunched for electrical wires and plumbing, saving time and money during construction.


Clearspan Bundaberg are all about options, providing you with the choice of having them build your home or by purchasing an all inclusive quality home building kit. The savings to be made are well worth the effort.

Our building system offers a straightforward process for the assembly of kit homes with an attractive end result.

Clearspan has developed a building system that can turn an ordinary handyman into a competent home builder, and in so doing, not limit you to a range of standard plans. Alter one of our plans or we'll work with you to create your own unique masterpiece - the choice is yours.

We have developed a range of computer programs which make it just as easy to cost and manufacture your own design, as it is to cost and manufacture our own, without there being any cost disadvantage to you the home builder. Clearspan homes can be fully constructed, built to lock-up stage or provided in kit form, or indeed, built to whatever stage of completion you may require.

Some people equate kit home with 'shoebox'. This is not the case with our homes. Modern up-to-date designs and manufacturing methods allow total flexibility. If your concern is the possibility of requiring more living space in the future, our engineers have designed a system enabling for ease of expansion when the time comes. 

Our building system provides the handyman with an opportunity to create a finish that reflects the character as chosen by the individual builder. There is a wide range of windows and doors to choose from, and you have the total choice of all the different claddings on the market today, from traditional timber to popular low maintenance brick.

If your individual needs are such that you require a tile roof or a timber floor,the staff at Clearspan Bundaberg will be only too pleased to help. Our homes are particularly cost effective due to the low labour content on site.

All frames are precision engineered in our factory making construction quick and easy with no special tools required. The steel frames are light enough for two people to move them around easily. Frames constructed from steel have an advantage over timber frames in that they will not warp (nor get eaten by termites), and in fact, the steel frames are the only difference between a Clearspan home and a traditional timber home